Esthetic Laser Service

Nobody loves to shave daily and have the hair grow back the very next day. No one likes razor burns. In fact, we all hate spending countless hours and money on waxing, creams, and epilators. And, let’s not forget all the pain that we dread to endure.

All of this calls for a permanent end- a solution to stop this ruckus. And so, Hilda Demirjian introduces you to its laser hair removal White Plains.

If you want to remove the hair permanently and have smooth, seamless, and frictionless skin, our esthetic laser is the solution for you. And, if you’re searching for laser hair removal in White Plains, we can easily deliver you our services as you cross a small distance.

Now, avoid scaly and unshaven skin to embrace one that is softer than ever before. Our White Plains laser hair removal guarantees lasting results with complete safety assurance. Our sessions leave you spotless without any ill sight of scars or painful side effects.

Our laser hair removal offers you a trouble-free problem solver for a smoother appearance. With gentle ease, we target each hair follicle in a few simple steps. Our lasers target your root hair which is then destructed so the hair in the targeted area can never re-grow. Doing so finalizes the fact that the unwanted hair is gone forever. This way your skin doesn't have to suffer through rough razors, hot wax, or harmful creams that can end up breaking the protective surface of your skin.

As a matter of fact, our services can also improve your skin texture by dealing with sunspots and making your skin tone even. And well, you will observe improvement in your skin tone and texture after just around 6 treatments.

Hence, stay always ready with an ever-smooth, hairless face and body with Hilda Demirjian’s outstanding services!

Fuller and shapely lips are a mark of beauty. Some people are born with plump lips while others need help.

However, the aging process reduces lip shine and firmness as collagen and elastin levels decline; causing lips to look thinner, rougher, and develop wrinkles in the surrounding area.

Furthermore,environmental factors such as sun damage and harsh climates reduce the lip structure by breaking down collagen and resulting in wrinkled and chapped lips. Why don't you try it!