Collagen laser Skin tightening

What is Collagen laser Skin tightening?

After the age of 37, we are losing 75%of facial Collagen due to a lack of estrogen and Testastrome hormones which bring dullness, dryness, redness, fine lines wrinkles, dark circle around the eyes as well as mouth is called premature Skin.

When you come with Hilda Demirjian, the question is in your mind what is Collagen Laser Tightening? Here, you can explore it as non-surgical technique that use special energy to heat tissues and leads to collagen production to reduce fine lines and loose skin. But, fortunately, we have enough Collagen and Elastin under our Skin in the Dermis, the deep layer in our Skin.

Nothing will Stimulate the Collagen& Elastin except Laser treatments, which is noninvasive and Holistic treatment to generate new Collagen. In my 25 years of Laser experience, I have seen thousands of clients for Laser Skin Tightening.

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