Electroporation Treatment

Hilda Demirjian brings is a successful electroporation treatment for skin that reduces water retention and helps firm your skin. It helps fight fat deposits, hydrate the skin, and prevent aging. Not to mention, it also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And, if you have the desire to achieve the perfect body, it is the ultimate treatment for you.

The EPT also aids in generating electrical pulses to improve the capability of anticancer drugs that invade the tumor cells. Thus, getting the Electroporation Treatment done introducs you to more than just a few benefits. Throwing in to the mix an additional advantage of laser hair removal White Plains NY; it is an effective way to remove your unwanted hair forever. We offer a lifetime guarantee for friction-less and softened skin sensation.

So come to us to attain the low-maintenance body and skincare you have always wanted!