I don’t usually rave about too much, but this was the best experience I’ve ever had in a salon. The techs were friendly, knowledgable, and really made me feel like my patronage was worth something. I usually go to these places and feel like a broke mom, but here I felt like I was doing something great for myself. Excited for the results and for my next appointment. Mama’s starting a get pretty piggybank!
Dr. Christine, who administered the Botox, was so lovely and very honest/helpful in deciding exactly which areas to treat. She explained other treatments that I might be interested in, given my skin type and the kind of results I was looking for, but never did I feel like she was trying to sell or pressure me. Sarah at the front desk is a doll. Office felt clean and covid-safe. I would return.
I had a great experience yesterday! Everyone is so nice and professional. Hilda gave me great advice on how to deal with my rosacea. Can’t wait to start my new treatment for better and a glowing skin!
Hilda is very knowledgeable and professional. The office is clean and they’re very CoVid conscious which made me feel comfortable. And she has the most comfy table when she performs your treatment!!
My experience was nothing short of exceptional!… Hilda’s expertise created a very relaxing atmosphere in a private and comfortable setting. I was pleased with the outcome for my face and will return for sure!
Hilda was excellent with the evaluation and I am seeing the difference already, I am very impressed on the results, looking forward to continue my treatment. Very happy I highly recommend Hilda.
As a nurse I am very critical of my opinion towards other medical professionals but Hilda was incredibly knowledgeable and professional she has decades of experience in the field of skincare The staff was warm and friendly making you feel welcomed and right at home. I couldn’t be happier with my results. If you want to take years off the look of your skin this is the place you need to go.
I visited the White Plains location and Debbie was absolutely wonderful! She gave me an amazing facial and was very informative with skin care suggestions based on my personal skin needs. She was very friendly with her information without being pushy or in a scolding manner. Hilda took 30 minutes and gave me a skin consultation for future treatments. The salon/spa is very clean and calming!!
This spa is really incredible, super quiet atmosphere, best team of professionals. I loved this treatment in which I did, the fairy hands of Mariele gave me confidence in the treatment, also the affection of Sony. Thank you guys are incredible. I super recommend this Spa 👍
The spa is immaculate! The service is impeccable. The waiting area is serene. Once you go inside to have your treatment, you will encounter fully educated professionals who will explain every detail and make sure you are comfortable before beginning. Certainly worth investing in this amazing spa. What a find! I had the collagen laser treatment and saw results after one session. I bought two more
This was a wonderful experience! I already had even and thick eyebrows, I just wanted them a little darker and more definition on my arch! Lily was very sweet and accomodating. A touch up is recommend which I didn’t know until my appointment, so be prepared to spend more. Its worth it tho. Remember that investing on yourself and your face should be done by the right professional. Lily will take care of you! Good luck and happy grouponing!
Such a lovely staff. Super-clean. Knowledgeable, great communications, honest and extremely accommodating. Couldn’t recommend more. I will definitely be returning and clearly will recommend to call.
This collagen laser treatment is a proprietary procedure developed by Hilda Demirjian. She herself performed the treatment on me and explained every step of the process. Very thorough and results were immediately visible. Would highly recommend.
They charged $43 supposedly for taxes for a $300 treatment. When I said that 8% if $299 was not $43 he showed me a document from ny state saying that for Botox treatment that was the tax … I did not believe the site city of the document .,,
The location of the actual office was not what I had expected. I was surprised, being it’s next to the Westchester Mall, that the office didn’t appear upscale. The ladies in the office were really sweet. They weren’t pushy on selling items. I was expecting to see Hilda, but I saw a nurse who was nice.
I am so pleased with what Hilda has done for me. I had her do a procedure three years ago and it has lasted and I still love it. So now I’m doing radio frequency and will see how that does. So far so good. Hilda is so Knowledgeable, so kind, and so generous.
Got a laser removal package from Groupon And went into Hilda’s spa, service was great, quick and accommodating The place smells amazing! And the laser hair removal was so easy and quick and painless Hilda made me feel so comfortable And she was really informative with the whole process.
I have been a client of Hilda’s for several years and just tried her new radio-frequency treatment. The process was quick and I only felt a little tingling during the treatment. I noticed an improvement in my skin immediately!! I have freckles close to the eye area, where it is difficult to use a laser, and this treatment created a visible difference. I don’t look as tired with the darkness around the eye area. I also noticed a lightening of the broken capillaries around my nose. Hilda takes the time to let her clients know what she is doing and asks if they have any questions. I use her skin care products and can see a difference in how my skin looks and feels!
I saw an ad in a health magazine and decided to take advantage of a free consult…I figured a quick in and out visit . Instead I met Hilda, in her immaculate office and she spent over an hour with me . She cleansed and treated my skin and offered some well appreciated advice and recommendations. I’m going back for a facial and soon,laser. A good experience after a horrible one in Yonkers .
Discovering Hilda Demirjian for the first time, I went to the Westchester location . I was impressed with the professionalism and how friendly everybody was. The spot is absolutely beautiful and has a very serene, peaceful feeling about it. Hilda took time with me to explain my procedure and clearly made me understand everything that would happen. I saw immediate results which I couldn’t believe, with only one treatment! I will definitely go back. Walking out of there I felt like a million bucks.
Wonderful Hilda works with you to make you look and feel beautiful! I have been having laser hair removal and collagen laser treatments and I am so happy with my results. People stop me and ask “what have you done, your skin looks great”. Thank you so much Hilda!
Had a great facial from Shamsa and a laser appointment at Hilda’s Manhattan location! Highly recommended!
I have been going to Hilda for years and my face has never looked better! Don’t make judgments based on the comments of a few, see for yourself, she really cares about getting your skin perfect! I appreciate her professionalism and dedication.
I also used the Groupon for the laser collagen treatment. I also had it under my eyes.

Unlike Melissa, however, I am thrilled with the results. I suppose it depends on the person and skin type, but for me the results were immediate and and are ongoing.

What’s awesome is that the treatment itself took just a few seconds under each eye, but Hilda talked with me for a good fifteen minutes, answering my questions and making suggestions for how to take care of skin moving forward.

In an industry full of charlatans, I wasn’t expecting much. But for me it really was like magic. I look and feel more refreshed and have ditched my under-eye concealer.

I found Hilda to be very professional, attentive and kind. I’m absolutely sold on this treatment and on her expertise with it. I’ll be going back, for sure.
This was my first time and I was very impressed by the service. I felt welcome and comfortable with every person I encountered. I would highly recommend Hilda Dermirjian Laser & Spa.
I go to Hilda for laser hair removal and it has def approved my life. I used to get waxed but over time, it damaged my skin, was pricey over time and the amount of pain I went through was unbearable. She has def worked with me these past 8 months as I am a student and work full time so we both have busy schedules. I’m able to see her Thursdays since she opens late, I believe 8:00 pm. Is it pricey? Yes. Is there absolutely no downtime? Yes. Is it worth it? Oh yea. I’ve told my buddies about her and they have been going (some of the,) for different areas. As a guy. It was tough for me to give in and see her but once I did I was really impressed of her business, cost, and her work. The only thing that is a hassle is the parking, but we are in a city so I can’t really complain. I’ve been to other places and they don’t compare at all.
yes i have heard that NY is freezing now , well here in la is rainy and sunny . i am using your products which is amazing , i love it IP and can’t wait to tell people about it . you have a fantastic week with love and peace stay warm and safe.