Your skin is the most valuable feature and is the largest organ in the body.

Wonderful skin care treatments are necessary and beneficial for every type of skin. The overall effect is to deeply purify the skin and pores. Aid in smoothing away wrinkles with a heightened firmness, tone and freshness.

Let us educate you on how to take good care of your skin. We offer customized facials for the face, back, chest, decollete, arms, and hands; whether it is for acne blemishes or sun exposure. We are here to educate you.



All facial treatments are 45 minutes or less in length unless otherwise noted.


NEW! Organic Anti-Aging Pumpkin & Vitamin C Facial! ($225, series of 5 for $875)

Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and skin dullness! This is a MUST-HAVE!

Pumpkin contains vitamin A, C, and E, and antioxidants, which help fight sun damage and wrinkles. It also has fruit enzymes that help naturally exfoliate dead skin cells. Finally, it contains zinc and potassium to combat redness.

Express Facial (30min., $75 or $350 for a series of 5)

Your face will receive a cleansing, exfoliation, toning, and a masque will leave your skin smooth with a healthy glow. For best results, come in every 2 weeks.

Acne Facial ($90)

Your face will get rid of germs and bacteria that cause acne for healthy-looking skin.


Back Facial ($120 or $500 for a series of 5)

Includes cleansing, toning, masque application, massage, and moisturizing. Highly recommended monthly.


Glycolic Peel 30% (30 min., $125 or $500 for a series of 5)

Weekly peels reduce fine lines, skin discoloration and scarring and are recommended in a series for optimal results.

European Facial ($125 or $500 for a series of 5)

A perfect introduction to our skin care line. Tones and moisturizes the skin. Includes extractions and neck and chest or decollete massage.

Charcoal 02 Facial ($150)

Our VIP anti-aging charcoal O2 facial revitalizes, hydrates, fortifies, and purifies the skin and aids in cell rejuvenation, a facial which will leave your complexion more luminous than ever! Includes application of a charcoal masque containing Vitamins E and C, Beta-Carotene, and trace elements.


Peptide Treatment Facial ($185)

We incorporate our Amino-Lift Peptide Complex which contains oat kernel and lemongrass in this facial to deliver results younger-looking skin.
Vitamin C Facial (Anti-Aging) ($200 or $750 for a series of 5) - Equivalent to 4 regular facials
An intensely rejuvenating treatment with antioxidants and anti aging properties. This treatment is most effective to modify the quality of the skin, it will help to improve the elasticity and the production of collagen which is essential for the skin to fight aging and discoloration. Recommended for mature skin and sun damaged skin. Includes application of one highly-concentrated Vitamin C Ampoule (not an injectable) with green tea extract to radiant skin.


Vitamin K Facial (Anti-Aging) ($200 or $750 for a series of 5) - Equivalent to 4 regular facials

This facial reduces broken capillaries in your face and helps mitigate the appearance of rosacea and facial redness and irritation.

Includes application of one highly-concentrated and 100% organic Vitamin K Ampoule (not an injectable) with the azulene flower.


Mint Collagen Facial with Apple Stem Cells (Anti-Aging) ($200 or $750 for a series of 5) - Equivalent to 4 regular facials

Collagen helps improve skin's texture and tone while mint soothes inflammation and redness for radiant-looking and glowing facial skin. Highly recommended.



Anti-Aging Package (C/K/Mint Collagen Facial - MIX AND MATCH): $750 for 5 facials

European/Back/Acne Facials/Peels - MIX AND MATCH: $500 for 5 facials

Series are transferrable in whole/in part.