Stop Hair Loss and Say Hello to New Growth – with Low Level Laser (Light) Therapy (LLLT)

Stress, hormonal imbalances, certain medications, dieting, or poor nutrition are few of the reasons why we’re experiencing hair loss and there’s one more thing we can’t escape from, the most dreaded – normal process of aging.

According to hair loss statistics conducted last August 2016, in the United States about 35 million men and 21 million women are experiencing hair loss starting at the age of 35.

But thanks to continued research and clinical trials, we now have a non-invasive procedure in solving the issue of hair loss.

Laser Light Therapy is the most dramatic, most advanced and most exciting discovery for the treatment of hair loss and skin rejuvenation. After years of successful testing and use in Europe, the FDA finally has certified the use of Laser Light Therapy in the USA. European studies have proven that low power laser energy of “soft” laser light has the ability to repair and rehabilitate dormant hair follicles.

Laser phototherapy is assumed to stimulate active stage re-entry in dormant/resting hair follicles, prolong the duration of rapid growth, increase rates of proliferation in active hair follicles, and prevent premature shedding of hair.

Our Treatment:

Increases blood supply to scalp by 54% after one treatment.

Stimulates regrowth of new hair

Repairs and improves hair shaft quality

Relieves irritating scalp conditions

Stops excessive hair loss

Laser Hair Regrowth Procedure and Client Testimonial Video Below:

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